Freelance Dramaturgical Services

Dramaturgical Services

Deep Dive Review of Script (Director Vision Support)
On-Going Director Consultation
Rehearsal Attendance (Director Vision Support)
On-Going Research 
Early Rehearsal Dramaturgical Talk for Cast & Designers
Electronic Dramaturgical Packet
Website Dramaturgical Materials
Dramaturgical Program Note
Talk Back Facilitation
Community Talk Back Series Development 
Audience Engagement Events Including: Sip and Script Reading Series, Lunch-Time Talk Backs, Field-Trips to Script Related Locations, Expert Talks, 
Facilitation of On-Going In-Rehearsal Dramaturgical Needs

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Script Development Services

New Play Script Development 
One-on-One Feedback Sessions with Playwrights 
Written Take-Home Feedback Packets that Include Personalized Next Step Prompts & Actions
Writing Roadblock Prompts
Master Classes & Workshops
Strategic Planning for Finding Your Unique Voice in Your Writing
Proof Reading